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In The Warmth Of A Daydream
I slipped into reverie
at all the possibilities
that red-letter night
I shuddered disorderly,
as honesty fell
from our lips like secrets
    now rest by our feet;
And within your kiss
I found a warmth
which put my lonely, frantic heart
    at ease.
I want to celebrate you-
You are the most beautiful person
I’ve ever known.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 0 0
They were absent
as God
that night which allowed
a lot
of candor to be untethered.
Our gaze was lavender
in the haze of anticipation,
in the heat of your disheveled room
we play around topics
like the nervous, shaky lights
    dancing outside your window.
This furious lust, hungry like vultures;
Even the stars witness
and blush at our desire
and construct constellations, as if
required, in our mess.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0
Save Us
With this
bottle of bourbon
I devote the hour
to my self-destruction;
Cheers to all the hells
I encounter regularly-
To the blaring march of
my own, waning mortality-
The sober contrary
leaves me despairing
in the cool moonlight,
so lost inside some
existential hypothetical
I begin to doubt what's true
And flounder helplessly
In the silent capture
of my composure.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0
Not Twice
languid dream.
          How sweet,
          under your shadow.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 0 0
All Is Well
I feel lost
but all is fine,
my concerns multiply
on a speculative line
my mind won't quit.
Lately, I am miserable at best-
Sipping on the past
I remember how happy
I felt when I was with you
         And I hurt.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 2
Oh no, Sweetheart
Blow after blow
our confusing,
furtive scenario
kills me a little more.
With my face
wet on the floor;
           in spite, i persist
           that i don’t care anymore
i don’t care anymore
i don’t care anymore
i don’t care
i don’t.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 2 0
I can deny you only so much
The sinuous arch of your spine
recalls, staggeredly,
back this retaliation of words
and recollection-
there was something here;
In my darkest hour,
your relaxed voice
rebelled against the rage
rumbling behind my eyes-
The void I've subscribed
Holds my hand tight
Through my sufferings
And with pleasure reminds me-
The promises we keep
don’t make any sense to us, at all.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 0 0
The Future Doesn't Exist
I toast to chaos,
this remarkable night
and welcome the new year
with a personal abandon;
       eyes are quiet
       under neon light,
       inescapably absorbed
       in the mystery of you-
                ready to drown
                any discretion away
                with your kiss
                and reclaim some hope coinciding
                within this splintered heart.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0
The Gentle Delay of Disbelief
My trembling voice assembles
a pathetic example of pain
marked by the compulsion
of becoming untroubled,
  by the bog of content-
I reside deep in myself
--the weight of this hurt
clenched like crow claws
upon my shoulders--
smashed in denial
and defied by the storm.
So choke down the fault
next to a soul, shattered,
yet satisfied by
the gentle delay of my disbelief.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0
To Save A Drowning Sorrow
My words are without weight-
Surveying, selfishly, beside verities;
This perfect disguise, veiled
by delectable lies
slowly coated and charmed
with every new spoken interlude
spewed and slumbers
near what i call “love”.
To suffocate on fervency  
is principal currency  
for any sort of comprehension;
These lessons be blessed, insipid,
bonding our mental relations
      to the mourning
      we in secret, abide.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0
The Woe Unfolds
Eyes assassin
Breaths with ease,
These are treasures
That guarantees
A swift destruction of heart.
The woe unfolds
Disaster and grows
Below my throat
A black hole.
Canonical longing
Is my home
A stone's throw belonging
To my decaying loam.
Trust is trying
Objectively prying
My hopes are laughing
As they die.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0
Dearest Ephemera
We concede to these
bygone contracts that
deter us from delight,
better suited to our needs;
For our wants satiated
by the dawn of fresh surprise;
these new amusing tides
restore our souls,
that shine no more
till come the night,
our words pour,
flowing like velvet
in astounding volumes,  
dissipating into the aether
like wishes-
All birthed by the thrill
of their breathtakingly beautiful-
         Etcetera, etcetera.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0
Cursed Green Origami Heart
I know a mortals sense of regret;
Though, when we
dropped in the well of grief
and became doomed
with our honesty
to marred unions, I should have
leapt into the flames
instead of admiring the similarities
          warm and joyously.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 2 1
Dissenting Predicament
I am of sound
mind, you fraught bitch.
Up to your neck in doubt,
suffocating on the fire you built
by your own conscious volition.
Burn; i wish you the best
in our descent.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 2
In the lavender haze
Is your heart keen to mine?
Are your peepers
scheming certain long hair kicks?
Take a gander this way
and figure this;
I am sure it’s bad news
to dally with a stranger
but you’re the cat's meow
and i’d love to be in cahoots  
with your lulu-hooch-filled eyes
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0
A Beautiful Exaggeration
Caught wind of insecurity,
now I am full of questions-
Doubt seizes my weary heart
in this long hour of pondering.
  I catch myself silently vying
  your regard, as if necessary.
--You prey on my mind, incessantly--
Those words revealed
under streetlight’s glow,
imprinted on my chest
Like a vow-
Those little whispers,
sweet like honey,
I carried home
in my arms,
that cold starry night;
I’m certain it’s
pretty hyperbole.
:iconrider-on-the-storm:rider-on-the-storm 1 0

Random Favourites

Give me back my Pan! by Sanchiko Give me back my Pan! :iconsanchiko:Sanchiko 1,132 79
the bending of a wave
i regard you at mid thigh
enveloped in caroms of light
dancing toward disappearance
of skin
i know this is impossible, but i imagine
you round everything off uneven,
and fuck like you're in congress
plunging into the firmament of complex sugars
to soak yourself heavy in influence
eyes can only watch
the rhythm of sweat and ritual
while your cranial catacombs remain
stuffed full of lost moments
and old rich text documents
measuring intravenous refraction
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 12 7
haunt of autumn
cut your teeth on me
learn the taste
of love with fangs
in crumbling relief
let me tell you
that your grief
has purpose
that your voids
are meaningful
and your pressures
vocal cradle
in the evergloom
darling you've been blooming
since before
i turned the sun on you
wanderlust and living rooms
with fully formed
nervous systems
you're a starling
in the maw
of bastard aching
impressions in the cushions
show the tumors
have been left
to their devices
darting irises
betray the crocus kiss
of early morning
obscure stamen
in the diastema
petals cupping
oh, the practiced spin
of pistils
teethe my vocal cues
and perforate
my intricate loom
i will act
as though you never
left the room
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 17 2
talwar thrusts
gorgeous satin twists
of steeled eyes
and precious
shoulders swaying
in coy murder
of lace.
tempting fate
one tempered footstep
at a time
when breaths are held
like knives.
twist again, sweet death
and bless me
with sharp intake.
lovely stab
in full demand
shining naked.
temptress, stain
this tender chest
and i
will hold you
like my wounded
:icongliitchlord:gliitchlord 8 2
why die wide eyed
that's how the blood runs
circled by a hundred more
strangers with cellophane hearts,
shadow mouths
never shake the fever in joints
or rush to believing
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 13 10
The Daily Magnet #151 by FridgePoetProject The Daily Magnet #151 :iconfridgepoetproject:FridgePoetProject 53 32 Blanka by uncannyknack Blanka :iconuncannyknack:uncannyknack 571 28
bad angels 
hidden in atlantic sprawl (attic and spire) 
they tell me nothing but lies
strange lavender feet following the flume
water racing, weight keeps clinging onto you
and I am just cement-petaled overgrowth, photogenic oxygen
flashing plumes of miscellaneous perfumes
I can't remember, can't forget
which faces grew up with regret-
ful hearts worn out, which were wet
from all the angels
and the river
and the words we always knew were nothing
still you sing them old lies
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 8 2
oh darling may, breeze-ivory dominoes fall
from the eaves of your leaving
a restless roof gives no shelter
in waning the arthritic holocene
and i, emptying stars of their light and photographs
of marrow, am earmarked- a foie gras melange
swollen from the intake of dense sugars and
faux gratitudes. and yet you
revere the sun above its brothers, revere the pond
that gives itself for fat luxuries and quick-felt collateral;
the wet footprints left deeper in the soil, the way
shoulders slump around you lower with each pulse of your heart
until, one day, you just stop giving out your blood
and i remember
my role in all this
hiding in the twisted shape of an atom, crawling out another skin
and bones beneath the canopy of a well-kept closet
it's our secrets, our dirt
poorly hidden in our selves
and how we never let go
:iconnawkaman:nawkaman 7 5
410 Gone
Long shadows begin to unroll as the sun goes down,
They stretch their legs and begin to moan.
A cold wind blows through the wasteland,
Stirring up the detritus left behind.
In an abandoned office, an old tv comes on at full volume,
Its white static ominously fills the room.
Somewhere in the growing gloom, a warehouse door bangs
In the wind.
Slamming again and again into steel,
As if to announce a guest of violence.
Dormant escalators remember bright light and crowds of
Arrivals and departures;
They sit and drool oil into the cold concrete now.
A used styrofoam coffee cup
Rolls and tumbles in the dirty wind,
It glides along with bits of weeds and ancient gum wrappers.
It makes a slight scraping sound as it goes along...
And I am cold and alone.
:iconblacksand459:Blacksand459 3 10
Seer by MY-B0Y Seer :iconmy-b0y:MY-B0Y 2,132 170 Mugen, Spike and Dandy copy by marvelmania Mugen, Spike and Dandy copy :iconmarvelmania:marvelmania 871 47 A Dandy In Space by Lumnili A Dandy In Space :iconlumnili:Lumnili 187 9 Safer Sephiroth by RadiusZero Safer Sephiroth :iconradiuszero:RadiusZero 2,403 224
do we still respond to journal postings these days?
if so, how are all of you?
speak to me your dreams and desires-
or how shitty your day was, either or.
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